When using JAXB...

Not many examples show this, but how you use JAXB in your application can make a huge difference in the performance (and memory usage). [Read More]
Tags: java, JAXB

Swagger UI on MicroProfile OpenAPI

MicroProfile OpenApi gives us a standardized way to describe our JAX-RS API’s using OpenApi 3. If you have used swagger-jaxrs and swagger-annotations before, this will feel very familiar to you as OpenApi is built on the Swagger base. [Read More]
Tags: MicroProfile, Payara, OpenAPI, Swagger

Reusable MicroProfile Health probes

MicroProfile Health API is a very basic API to report the state of your service, based on one or more Health Probe. It’s very useful in scenarios where some Server or Cluster Controller need to decide if and when your instance should be restarted. [Read More]
Tags: MicroProfile, Payara, Configuration, Health